Our NDT Services

Our NDT Services

PT. Gistek Marco Indonesia, provides Non-Destructive Test and
Welding Inspection services for a diverse range of industries. We
help you to ensure the reaility , safety and integrity of
products, equipments or plant assets with our NDT services.
Our NDT Services :

*Ultrasonic Test, these method can be
performed on all type of materials and its
application include :

*Flaws detection such as inclusions,
cracks and porosity.

*Determining the thickness of test
objects, particulary in erossion or
corrosion monitoring.

Magnetic Particle Test, these method can
detect surface & subsurface
discontinuities in Ferromagnetic
matrials. These method is widely used in
all industry sectors to inspect a variety of
products and engine components
(Castings, Forgings and Weldments).
Liquid Penetrant Test, also known as Dry
Penetrant Test, these method used to
located surface breaking flaws such as
cracks, porosity, laps, seams and other
surface discontinuities. LPT can be
applied to both Ferrous and Non Ferrous
matrials (Metals, Plastics or Ceramics).

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